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The Church, Bowery Ballroom, NYC: Asleep inside a dream March 8, 2004

Posted by Anton A in Australian music, Church.
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The Church were on tour in support of yet another superb album, Forget Yourself. If you know these songs, you’ll know how magnificent the show was.

Nothing Seeker
Steve Kilbey says:  “Here’s a song that I co-wrote with Antonin Artaud in 1920.  Antonin and I came up with the pefect title for it:  The Theatre & Its Double.”
Maya (with cello by Anne of opening band Sea Ray)
Milky Way
See Your Lights
Song In Space / segues into

encore 1:

encore 2:
You Took


Ian Hunter at B.B. King’s, NYC: Not just another night March 1, 2004

Posted by Anton A in British music, Ian Hunter.
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110 minutes of magnificent music by my watch.

The band showed some first-night raggedness in some spots & was absolutely brilliant in many others. Normally I could give you more details but I didn’t have the acuity to keep track; considering the state of my health a week ago I was damn lucky just to be there at all.

This was my 4th trip to BBK’s & I have NEVER seen it that packed, almost unpleasantly so. We got there about 20 minutes before showtime & it was SRO, there was not a table to be had. Ian can still pack a club on a Monday night; I like that.

As always Ian more than amply repays any effort it takes to get to a show. Don’t miss this tour!

Here’s yer complete and accurate setlist (this time I took notes):

Once Bitten
American Spy
Twisted Steel
Wish I Was Your Mother
Knees of My Heart
Wash Us Away
Irene Wilde
Truth Whole Truth Nothing But The Truth
23A Swanhill
Standing In My Light
Just Another Night
Dead Man Walking
All The Way From Memphis
Cleveland Rocks

The Nightingale Sings In Berkeley Square
Michael Picasso
Saturday Gigs/All The Young Dudes