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Ian Hunter at B.B. King’s, NYC: Once bitten, almost twice shy December 12, 2004

Posted by Anton A in British music, Ian Hunter.
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Well the karma turned around 180 degrees at some point tonight. I was dithering all day about this show – yes I know that makes no sense, how can one dither about an Ian show? – but the awfulness of the crowd last year was really weighing on me. I let the opportunity to purchase a tik online slip away – not that I was thrilled with the notion of $15 in service charges on top of a $28 ticket. I just about abandoned the notion of going.

Then I remembered what that other guy that Soozie Tyrell plays with says – “Faith will be rewarded.” I decided to gobble an early dinner as if I were going to the show, then call the box office to see what the deal was & let fate take its course. Lo & behold, box office said “We’ve got plenty of tickets left, come on down!” So I did. Got there about 1/2 hour before Ian’s show time. Got to chat with a friend who I knew was at the show – he’d gotten there at 6:15 & was seated down front.

The club was well filled, but not nearly as crowded in the standing room areas as it was last year. Go figure. I’ve noticed the same trend at BOC’s annual shows there. Are the numbers of fans of these “classic” acts slowly dwindling, or are folks just getting fed up with the place?

Anyway, on with the show. It was a knockout. Started as usual this year:

Lounge Lizard
Once Bitten
Twisted Steel

Ian introduced Soozie, and then, since he had a night off from his regular gig, Andy York! Andy would stay out there with the band for the rest of the night, trading lead work with Jack The Mechanic & adding another solid brick to Ian’s Wall Of Sound for one special evening. Damn, that was a nice surprise!

Death of A Nation
Knees of My Heart
Wash Us Away
23A Swanhill
Resurrection Mary (Soozie came back for this one, just lovely)
Central Park ‘n’ West
Honaloochie Boogie –> Saturday Gigs –> Dudes (seamless transitions between these 3)

first encores:

Just Another Night
Medley: The Journey/No Wheels To Ride/You Nearly Did Me In/I Can Feel/Dead Man Walking/We Wish You A Merry Xmas

second encores:

Nightingale (Soozie joins them again)
Cleveland Rocks

A solid 2 hours of great rock & roll. So happy I got there.

Ian’s regular band for this tour:

Steve Holley – Drums
James Mastro – Guitar
Jack Petruzzelli – Guitar
Graham Maby – Bass
Andy Burton – Keyboards