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Ian Hunter, Finnigan’s Wake, Philadelphia, PA: Roll away the stone March 23, 2005

Posted by Anton A in British music, Ian Hunter.
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Here’s the official order of songs from Ian’s 2 hrs 15 mins set on 3/23 at Finnigan’s Wake in the North Liberties district in Philly.  I took notes as it happened, only way I can keep track of it all.

Rest In Peace
Lounge Lizard
Once Bitten
Twisted Steel
Girl from the North Country (1 verse) -> Death of a Nation
Knees of My Heart
Wash Us Away
23A Swanhill
I Wish I Was Your Mother
The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth
Michael Picasso
Roll Away The Stone
Honaloochie Boogie
Saturday Gigs / All The Young Dudes

1st encore:

Medley: The Journey /  No Wheels / You Nearly Did Me In / I Can Feel / Dead Man Walking
Just Another Night
All The Way From Memphis

2nd encore:


The singer-songwriter who was the opening act sang backup on Dudes.  What was her name?  I liked her, had kind of a Sheryl Crow thing going on.

Spoke to an IH onliner at the bar when we got to the place right around 8:00, when it was seriously empty.  Surveyed the “buffet,” which proved to be bangers & mash.  Looked good, but way off my cardiac-friendly diet, just wasn’t gonna work.  We had our wristbands for re-entry, so we left & asked around & found a pizza / gyro place up the street.  Decent chicken souvlaki with a great Greek salad, good cheap food, hit the spot.  Quite a few other yellow wristbands in the place that night!  The good-humored waitress was running a bit frazzled, they hadn’t anticipated the Ian crowd.

Was hoping to run into more online folks when we got back in the middle of the opening act, but the place was starting to fill up & I didn’t see anyone else wearing the right sort of T-shirt.  Staked out a spot a few layers back from the stage.

Great show, superb sound, great room to see Ian play.  (Screw you BB King’s!!!)  Ian really nailed Death Of A Nation & Wash Us Away as noted, & Michael Picasso & so many others.  The band sounded terrific, Boschy (new guitarist Mark Bosch) is an excellent fit.  (I thought they made Honaloochie sound considerably better than it had at BBK’s, where it seemed a bit ragged.  Maybe the tune is finally starting to grow on Ian!)

I hadn’t heard Ian do Roll Away The Stone since the Ariel Bender days, that was a treat!

Folks in the crowd around us who didn’t know Ian’s solo work were asking me which albums Truth and 23A Swanhill came from, they were blown away by those two.  As were we, as always.

After the show, we went back up to the Spring Garden El station.  There was only one other person there, a black dude in a brown leather jacket who’d been at the show, said he was down right in front of James’ mike.  Had a great conversation with him about Woodstock (he was there, I wasn’t), the Broadway Mott shows (we were both there), & lots of other 1960s & 1970s rock.  Uriah Heep was one of his all-time faves, go figure! 

I was surprised, though, we were literally the only people there for 15 minutes before the train arrived.  Out of that whole crowd, were we the only 3 who took the train to get to Finnigan’s?  Everybody else drove there?  I guess it’s the American way.  And Philly ain’t New York City. 

Anyway, what a pleasant way that was to wind down another magical evening sparked by an Ian show.