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Start Me Up May 23, 2010

Posted by Anton A in Start Me Up.
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This blog begins here, at least in one sense.

Posts after this date will contain newly written reviews of rock shows, with occasional forays into other musical genres and non-musical areas that interest me, as they happen.

I’ve been writing concert reviews for ten years.  As time allows, I also plan to post older reviews with the dates of those shows.  This is partly to give readers who may happen by a sense of who I am and how my tastes have evolved,  and partly because I want to preserve these things somewhere for a while.

As you’ll see, I sometimes find that the process of getting to and from a venue is almost as important as the show.  My primary focus is always on the performance – it’s what gets me out of the house – but interesting things can happen along the way and become part of the whole experience.  As Little Steven will tell you, sometimes “it’s the journey, not the destination.”